Ohana Development: A Story of Passion & Unparalleled Success from Lebanon to the UAE & the World
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Ohana Development: A Story of Passion & Unparalleled Success from Lebanon to the UAE & the World

From the heart of the vibrant capital, Beirut, Ohana’s journey began in the 1990s with a great passion for excellence and brilliance in the world of real estate development and architecture. The company was established according to high-quality standards and a deep understanding of the foundations of luxury and appropriate construction for segments of society that seek to achieve a better future. This was reflected in the many projects that were completed and delivered with complete success, such as ESCAPE, Ohana Hills Phase 1 and 2, and Ohana Villas Interiors by Elie Saab, which inherited the name of the fashion icon in an industry-leading partnership.

All the projects that the company completed in Lebanon were among the largest, if not the largest, in the country and were distinguished by presenting pioneering ideas that had not existed before, and this is what distinguishes the company, whether in Lebanon or abroad. Recently, as part of this distinguished vision, Ohana has implemented huge projects with wonderful sea views just 10 minutes from Beirut. This expanded development was a testament to the company’s commitment to creating luxury, sustainable residential spaces geared towards the segments of society that demand the kind of luxury combined with standards such as security, prosperity, and stunning views all at once.

This success and unique approach are now being exported from Beirut to the United Arab Emirates. Success in Lebanon paved the way for this ambitious expansion into the UAE market. The Ohana By The Sea project in Abu Dhabi quickly became a benchmark for luxury coastal living, as it reflects Ohana’s ability to blend traditional elegance with modern sophistication, creating a unique living experience that resonated with the affluent market in Abu Dhabi, which in turn became a capital of sophistication, elegance, and distinction.

Nowadays, Elie Saab Waterfront by Ohana in Abu Dhabi is considered a crowning achievement in Ohana’s golden record. This partnership with the famous fashion designer Elie Saab gave a touch of exceptional creativity to the project that reflected Ohana’s wise leadership, careful planning, and firm commitment to achieving success. The project embodies Ohana’s core values of luxury, innovation, and distinguished community and seamlessly integrates Elie Saab’s artistic flair with Ohana’s architectural expertise.

Company owners consider Ohana’s journey from Beirut to Abu Dhabi to be a “story of passion and innovation”. “While the news of the Elie Saab Waterfront celebration spreads, let us honor the visionaries who believed in the idea and developed it.” “We salute Ohana’s diligent and successful work team who worked day and night to realize the project with great dedication. This was clearly demonstrated during the project launch ceremony at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, which was the focus of attention and set a very high standard unprecedented in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for similar celebrations,” they added.


Ohana seeks to complete its journey of brilliance by launching new and innovative projects in the near future in an effort to create luxurious and sustainable communities worthy of the human being and his image, continuing to paint the most beautiful picture of people’s excellence, development, and pursuit of a better future.

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